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For over 60 years artisan cured meats.

The business began in 1952 with Luigi Squizzato, a livestock trader, who, thanks to the experience gained in the selection of meats, opened a butcher's shop with a processing laboratory. At the beginning the production focused on classic Venetian cold cuts, then, with the entry of his son Fidelio into the family business, the range was enriched with some typical products from other Italian regions.

Squizzato has always focused on the selection of raw materials, heavy pork meat intended for the production of PDO hams of the Parma-San Daniele circuit, on artisanal processing, with manual salting, use of sea salt, pepper, wine, strictly natural flavours and few additives between preservatives and antioxidants, and on a natural seasoning.

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Italy - 31100 Treviso - Via Lancieri di Novara, 3
VAT: IT04978670265
Tax code and no. enrollment at the Padua Business Register: 04978670265
REA no: TV-415416
Share Capital: 10.000,00 (paid-in 10.000)