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Figulì is an idea that embraces quality, lightness and taste and which began with our “Visnadello Foglie-bread leaves”, in the Albertini “family-run” restaurant in Treviso, where they were created. Research and passion have led us to create products that are different and innovative.

We believe that returning to nature is the path to wellbeing.

We follow a new concept of bread-making, where the ingredients are carefully selected for their nutritional properties, and with the goal of healthy nutrition: in fact we believe that producing in a simple and healthy way, respecting the environment and mankind, will make a product good by default.

We are proud of our strong Italian and Venetian tradition, which we respect through a strictly hand-made production.

All our bakery products are certified organic. This means that they are made only with certified ingredients, arising from organic farming: a type of production which respects the environment, where only natural fertilizers are used, and where there are no O.G.M. or chemicals.

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Italy - 31100 Treviso - Via Lancieri di Novara, 3
VAT: IT04978670265
Tax code and no. enrollment at the Padua Business Register: 04978670265
REA no: TV-415416
Share Capital: 10.000,00 (paid-in 10.000)