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Casa Setaro is located in Trecase, in the province of Naples, within the Vesuvius National Park, which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1995.

It is a story that has always been linked to three elements: the volcanic land, the climate mitigated by the sea of ​​the Gulf of Naples and the meticulous experience of a family committed to handing down the love and the respect for viticulture from father to son.

This priceless heritage of values ​​and genetically unique vines is the starting point for the production of a range of high-quality wines with a strong identity.

Everything comes from the care and wholesomeness of the raw material: without quality grapes it is not possible to obtain a wine of excellence.

For Casa Setaro love for wine is like love for children. Each bunch of grapes must grow with the same benevolent dedication: to do well today and to do well tomorrow.

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Italy - 31100 Treviso - Via Lancieri di Novara, 3
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