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BiFarm S.r.l. Società Agricola was born in Quarto D'Altino (Venice - Italy) in 2015 from the meeting between the Biasuzzi family and the Arena family. In an area that has always grown world-famous trotting horses, there are now over one hundred heads of Aberdeen Angus raised entirely in pasture.

BiFarm S.r.l has a surface of about 60 hectares with land for permanent meadows and crops mainly for forage for business use. It is located between the municipalities of Quarto d'Altino and Mogliano Veneto, it borders the river Zero and the Lipu oasis of Marcon, with neighbouring agricultural areas rich in hedges and lowland woods. This area maintains a particular charm given by the intact environment of its meadows, waterways and trees. In this context the choice of developing a cattle farm that uses these elements could not have been more appropriate.

This is why our choice to breed one of the prince breeds in the use of pastures: the Aberdeen Angus.

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Italy - 31100 Treviso - Via Lancieri di Novara, 3
VAT: IT04978670265
Tax code and no. enrollment at the Padua Business Register: 04978670265
REA no: TV-415416
Share Capital: 10.000,00 (paid-in 10.000)