Chardonnay IGT bianco fermo


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Lo Chardonnay è un vitigno molto diffuso che permette di ottenere un vino fresco, molto gradevole al palato.



Lo Chardonnay è un vitigno Veneto IGT, dal colore giallo paglierino con riflessi verdognoli.
Si abbina perfettamente con cocktail di crosta di pane con sfondo di mela, liquirizia, miele e acacia. Al gusto è sapido, vellutato con gradevolissima vena acidula.

Gradazione Alcolica: 12%



More than a company a big family, more than a company a place where find experience, technology and passion. An old dedication, since 1860 accompanies the activity of the Company, born in Tezze di Piave and grown in the name of quality. Many centuries have passed since, as legend says, a rich lady coming from Egypt, loaded with gold, with camels and wide followers, together with her children stopped at Tezze di Piave where she started the race of Bellussi. Over time, the name Bellussi was linked to Tezze di Piave and is still today associated with innovations and quality in the field of viticulture and grapevine. For 150 years, the Bellussi Farm contributes to the heritage of the Italian oenological tradition.


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