Raboso Piave DOC 2016


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I vini de La Callaltella sono frutto di vendemmie date rigorosamente a mano come da tradizione di famiglia, che dura ormai da 70 anni. Vini esclusivi di grande qualità.



Il Raboso Piave DOC è di colore rosso intenso, all’olfatto profuma di sambuco e frutti rossi, in particolare di lampone e ciliegia. E’ un vino da tutto pasto, sia con primi che secondi piatti della cucina veneta.

Gradazione Alcolica: 12%



The winery La Callaltella was founded in 1951, and directly run with diligence and virtuosity by the family founders: the Bonetto Brothers. The farm in the past dealt with the breeding of poultry and the cultivation of vines for wine production; the harvest was realized manually, thanks to the aid of laborers. Nowadays the experience, the knowledge and the unconditional love for the land and the territory reach the third generation, from father to daughters. Luigino Bonetto, the founder of the farm together with his brothers, lovingly and proudly entrusts the run to his daughters: Antonella, Elisabetta and Elena. The third generation of wine growers is therefore 'woman', where the 'green' soul, the love for the land and a peculiar feminine sensitivity are the X-factors distinguishing "La Callaltella" in the wide market of wine. In the enoic the sensitivity is feminine and the vocation green. The vine grows and needs patience and nourishment. Our vineyards are our children, to whom we devote the same attention, so to they will give back to us the best product. These are the words expressed by the three Bonetto Sisters that today, with the same original dedication and passion, carry on a tradition that has been lasting for over 70 years. www.lacallaltella.com


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