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Vino rosso dal sapore morbido, con note tostate ed eleganti. IGT Trevenezie.



Intrigante taglio bordolese di Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon e Cabernet Frane. La maturazione delle uve, la vinificazione prolungata in tini di legno ed il lungo affinamento hanno conferito a questo vino un colore rosso tendente al granato. Gusto morbido al palato, con note tostate ed eleganti, mai troppo aggressive. Si abbina bene a paste con diversi ragù di carne, grandi arrosti o grigliate di carne.

Gradazione Alcolica: 13,5%



ALMIVISI was born from the ambition of four experts: an agricultural technician who looks after the vineyard with passion, an oenologist who nurtures the wines, a sommelier who guides the consumer and an entrepreneur with a clear vision of Almivisi style. Together they decided to produce the wine of your dreams. Since the beginning Almivisi agricultural society has been constantly selecting the best land to produce the finest grapes in the Eastern region of Venice with direct control over the entire winemaking process: f rom the vineyard cultivation to the vinification techniques and the ageing in wood, they always guarantee a superb quality of flavours, as well as an outstanding purity and authenticity of the product. Almivisi produces wines with a very low use of sulphites and works in complete harmony with nature and environment. In an increasingly hectic and high-performance world, Almivisi has favoured a more scientific and almost poetic approach: Almivisi respects the rhythms of nature, prefers to age wine in wood and believes in combining modern viticulture techniques with the ancient winemaking traditions, with the aim of creating unique, healthy wines with an ancestral and magical taste. almivisi.it


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