Cipolline Borettane 280gr


Sku: DELS09

Cipolline Borettane 280gr.



Le Cipolline borettane caramellate in aceto balsamico e olio extravergine di oliva, prodotto con verdura fresca di stagione. Ideale come antipasto, con salumi e formaggi, come contorno.



Del Santo began its business in 1971 in S. Giustina in Colle (north of the province of Padua). It is a small artisan company managed by Gianni De Cecchi and his son Federico. The quality and the freshness of food have little to do with technological progress. What innovation can do, however, is to preserve what nature gives us. This is the philosophy with which Gianni De Cecchi has so far led his company DelSanto, specialized in the processing and preservation of fresh vegetables, legumes, fruit and cereals. Research is the real added value of its production of Delsanto. Conservation plays a fundamental role. “We were the first to test a technology suitable for preserving food naturally for a long time. Sterilization combined with aluminum polylaminate bags allows to store food in oil or natural at room temperature without the use of preservatives. The material of these bags greatly improves the quality and shelf-life of the product, without the use of preservatives, starches, glutamates or chemical additives.


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