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Birra rossa dal buon equilibrio.

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Birra rossa né troppo amara, né troppo dolce. Profuma di frutta caramellata, ma sul finale è delicatamente amara.

Gradazione Alcolica: 5,5%



The Brewery Trevigiano is located in the heart of the Marca famous for its water streams and springs that cross the city. The waters of these streams once fed numerous mills, some of which are still visible and functioning today; these waters are precisely the ones we use today to produce our beers and we were inspired by these mills for our logo. For 11 years we have dedicated ourselves to the production of high-quality beers: from the careful selection of the best raw materials to packaging, each of our beer is the result of experience, care and innovation. When you uncork our beer, you can feel the effervescence that has guided us for years. All strictly unpasteurized and unfiltered, our beers are produced exclusively with high quality malts, hops and yeasts. They tell the territory of the Marca and that of Treviso, paying homage to its stupendous views and monuments through the labels that artistically represent the most fascinating places. The labels try to express the classic and elegant culture that animates Treviso and which is also reflected in the type and taste of the beers.

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Italy - 31100 Treviso - Via Lancieri di Novara, 3
VAT: IT04978670265
Tax code and no. enrollment at the Padua Business Register: 04978670265
REA no: TV-415416
Share Capital: 10.000,00 (paid-in 10.000)